Getting Rid of the Double Chin: Is It Really Possible?

The double chin is one of the most dreaded of all signs that you have gained weight, right alongside a paunch, of course! However, studies have shown the double chin as being even more resilient than belly fat. In case you are having trouble getting rid of the resilient submental fat (the fat under our chins) and loose skin, here are a few of the most effective methods, with one of them being an actual, guaranteed solution.

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Perform a Series of Exercises Regularly

Targeting a particular area and causing fat to be lost from that specific location is not something that exercise can do, unfortunately. However, it is definitely possible to tone your face and neck muscles while you lose fat. The combination of general cardio and HIT training, in addition to the following chin and mouth exercises and stretches, might just do the trick.

  • Tilt back the head, look up, jut your lower jaw forward, and hold it for 10-secs
  • Tilt your head back, look up, pucker up for a kiss and hold it for 10 secs
  • Look straight, stick out the tongue and try to touch your nose with it; hold the pose for 10 secs
  • Look at the ceiling with a tilted head, keep your tongue pressing on the roof of the mouth and hold for 10 secs
  • Hold and press a tennis ball in between the chin and the throat, push tightly, and release slowly

Go for Mesotherapy

Remember that guaranteed method to lose the double chin we mentioned earlier? Well, mesotherapy with deoxycholic acid is that guaranteed solution.

Known popularly as Kybella treatment, it is the only process which is approved by the FDA to be used for removal of submental fat, which also makes it the only procedure available for correcting double chins in the US that actually works with guaranteed results.

If you are in Minneapolis, Spa MD’s Kybella treatment process comes highly recommended in the state because it’s an authentic, registered clinic that has the necessary expertise and licenses to perform mesotherapy. Also, they will answer all your questions when you go in for a consultation and tell you if you qualify medically as a fit candidate for the Kybella treatment.

Follow the Routine of a Natural Bodybuilder

Before excessive use of steroids ruined bodybuilding, double chins did not exist in the sport. Both amateurs and pros followed a rigorous exercise and diet chart which allowed them to be muscular and aesthetic at the same time while shredding away every bit of fat before a show.

If you manage to follow the offseason diet and exercise chart of a bodybuilder, sans the needles and pills, you will not only be able to shred away the double chin but in the process, you will have an aesthetic physique to be proud of as well.

It isn’t uncommon to see even fit or thin people with minor double chins, especially from side shots because genetics and old age can do that to us, even when we are not overweight. In such scenarios, mesotherapy would be the only viable option.