What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Are you considering laser hair removal? If so you should read on to find out what you should know before deciding. Something like this is a rather major change. You want to know all the facts before you commit to something such as laser hair removal.

Are you eligible for laser hair removal? If your hair is darker than your skin you might be okay. It is not recommended that any person tanning with dark hair do this. If you are tanning, you will have to wait until your tan fades. Then you can proceed with laser hair removal. If you tan but have light hair, it is not recommended for you.

If you are dark skin you might not want to do it. The pigments in your dark skin will absorb laser energy. The darker your skin is the harder it is to perform laser hair removal. You will have to have more treatments and this will make the cost go up as well.

You can treat most areas of the body. The main areas are: Neck, Chest, Underarms, Back, Abdomen, Bikini Line, Legs and Face. You cannot have laser hair removal anywhere around the eyes. The laser is harmful to your eyes so you should wear eye protection during the treatments no matter what area you have done.

Know your options to laser hair removal. You could continue shaving, tweezing, bleaching or even waxing. While these may not sound as great, they might be better for you. The lasers produce highly concentrated beams of light that will penetrate your skin and find your hair follicle. This will produce a hot heat and damage the follicles, preventing them from future growth.

When preparing for laser hair removal you do not want to use any other type of hair removal product. That means no tweezing or waxing or anything similar. The laser hair removal will be hard to perform if there is no hair there to remove!

You also do not want to tan or moisturize. If you tan the laser could burn your skin and if you moisturize it could block the laser energy and maybe even give you an allergic reaction. Avoid both of these at all costs!

How much can you expect to spend? It will vary depending on your location and laser hair removal facility of course. According to a 2000 survey of ASAPS the average cost per treatment (one) for each of the following regions was:

Midwest: $497
East: $458
South: $307
West: $469
National Average: $360

Contact your local laser hair removal clinic to find out the costs. If they happen to be a bit too high for you check the closes surrounding laser hair removals clinics. Maybe they are a bit more in your price range.
Keep in mind when doing laser hair removal that it does not mean one hundred percent of your hair will be gone. Each person is different and some may require more treatments than others. You will definitely see a significantly reduced amount of hair.

You might end up with a type of sunburn like reaction after laser hair removal. You could even have blotches, discoloring, blistering and scarring and even crusting or scabbing. Talk to your professional to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.